LidarBoX is a 3D-printed enclosure for a LiDAR altimeter system that is inexpensive, self-contained, easy to setup, and transferable across commercial drones (i.e., DJI Inspire, DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom). Altitude is the greatest source of error in drone-based photogrammetry and adding a LiDAR alitmeter to drones to estimate altitude can dramatically reduce errors. 

See our recent publication to learn more:

Bierlich, K., Wengrove, D., Bird, C. N., Davidson, R., Chandler, T., Torres, L. G., & Cantor, M. (2023). LidarBoX: a 3D-printed, open-source altimeter system to improve photogrammetric accuracy for off-the-shelf drones. Drone Systems and Applications.

Design files:  

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