The Marine Mammal Institute's Center of Drone Excellence (CODEX) develops analytical methods for using drones to non-invasively monitor marine mammal populations. CODEX develops open-source hardware and software tools, including automated tools, to help researchers obtain high-quality morphological measurements of marine mammals from drone-based imagery with greater speed and accuracy.  CODEX also hosts workshops to help teach and support researchers interested in using drones to monitor the health of marine mammals populations.

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We've developed a best practices framework for collecting morphological measurements of cetaceans using drone-based photogrammetry. 

Visit our Photogrammetry page to learn more.


Software & Hardware

We've developed a suite of open-source hardware and software tools as part of our photogrammetry framework to help increase efficiency and accuracy of obtaining important morphological measurements.

Check out this page to learn more.




We're planning several workshops to introduce and teach the photogrammetry framework we've developed. Learn more here.