Rachel Kaplan

PhD Student, College of Earth, Oceans, and Atmospheric Sciences

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Research/Career Interests: 

I am interested in how marine animal distribution and behavior intersect with anthropogenic systems -- and how understanding these interactions can inform management and conservation efforts. For my PhD research, I will work with Dr. Kim Bernard (CEOAS) and Dr. Leigh Torres (MMI, GEMM Lab) to understand how oceanographic factors and prey patches shape the distribution of whales in Oregon waters. We will use species distribution models to map intersections with the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery, and collaborate with the Oregon Whale Entanglement Working group to work towards solutions to the high rates of whale entanglements that have occurred since 2014. I am also passionate about communicating research through diverse, creative mechanisms that engage non-specialists in the scientific process.

B.A. Geology-Biology, Brown University, 2014
I am a graduate student co-advised by Dr. Kim Bernard and Dr. Leigh Torres.
Professional Preparation: 
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2020
Science Communications Specialist: Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, 2017-2020
Writer: Columbia University's GlacierHub, 2017-2018
Research Assistant: Marine Biological Laboratory and Toolik Field Station, 2017
Research Assistant: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Palmer Station, Antarctica, 2014-2016
Intern: Casey Dunn Lab, Brown University, 2013
Affiliated with: 
Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Laboratory (GEMM Lab)
Marine Mammal Institute