You can help by lending us your eyes on the beach. Please report any sightings of distressed or dead marine mammals in detail.

Take digital photographs!

What to photograph
  • All sides of the animal
  • The general location of the animal
  • Lesions, wounds
  • Tags
  • Any obvious signs of Human Interaction (entanglement, gear etc).

Be Careful! To prevent stress to the animal and the risk of personal injury, only photograph live animals from a safe distance.

Please email pictures with date and location to

Help to educate the general public to reduce harassment and enhance public safety

This can be as simple as posting signs around animals on the beach and handing out printed literature. See downloadable documents in Outreach and Education.

Remember, Be Careful!

  • Stranded animals are stressed. They will consider you a threat, even if you are trying to help
  • Marine mammals, dead and alive, may carry viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted to humans and pets. Avoid any direct contact without proper training and protection.
DONATE to the Marine Mammal Stranding Fund at the OSU Foundation by calling 800-354-7281, or at their Web site.