Theresa Kirchner under water

Graduate Research Assistant

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Diploma in Marine Biology, University of Rostock, Germany, 2012
Preliminary Diploma in Biology, Ulm University, Germany, 2007
Research/Career Interests: 

Baleen whale foraging behavior and movement, pectoral flipper use in humpback whales.

Professional Preparation: 
Research Volunteer: Dalhousie University’s Galapagos Islands Sperm Whale Research Project, Ecuador, 2014
Photography Research Assistant: Texas A&M University’s Dusky Dolphin Research Project, New Zealand, 2013–2014
Research Assistant: Cook Islands Whale Research, Cook Islands, 2013
Research Assistant: Pacific Islands Conservation Initiative’s Cook Islands Turtle Project, Cook Islands, 2013
Research Assistant: Multi-organizational humpback whale bio-telemetry research cruise in Gulf of Maine, USA, 2011–present
Research Volunteer: Whale Center of New England, USA, 2009
Research Intern and Volunteer: Whale Center of New England, USA, 2008
Research Volunteer: University of Queensland’s East Australian Humpback Whale Survey, Australia, 2004
Conservation Volunteer: Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, Greece, 2003
Laboratory Intern: Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum, Germany, 2000
Affiliated with: 
Bio-Telemetry and Behavioral Ecology Laboratory (BTBEL)
M.S. Student - Wildlife Science
Hatfield Marine Science Center
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