Susan Heaslip

Research Analyst
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M.Sc. Marine Ecology, Dalhousie University (2014)
B.Sc. Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Victoria (2000)
Research/Career Interests: 

My research interests include utilizing quantitative methods to answer ecological questions related to the behavioral and population ecology of aquatic species. I’m particularly interested in exploring variations in animal behavior within and among species, with space and time, and with respect to the influence of environmental factors. We are using animal-borne instruments to study the movements of Antarctic minke and humpback whales to infer foraging behavior, predator-prey interactions, and to assess habitat use. I’m also interested in the application of knowledge gained from these studies to inform management and conservation decisions.

Professional Affiliations: 
Dalhousie University
Affiliated with: 
Bio-Telemetry and Behavioral Ecology Laboratory (BTBEL)
Hatfield Marine Science Center
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