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BSc Fisheries & Wildlife, Michigan State University, 2019
Research/Career Interests: 

I'm broadly interested in applied ecological research and conservation, but have a particular interest in the population and movement ecology of marine mammals. Through my current and future research, I aim to use quantitative techniques to better understand processes that drive animal movements through several lenses (environmental, social, behavioral) and at several scales (individual to population), to effectively inform management decisions. My work in the Whale Habitat, Ecology, & Telemetry Lab is focused on movement patterns and habitat use of Hawaiian odontocetes in collaboration with Cascadia Research Collective, and more specifically that of Hawaiian false killer whales and how their physical and social environments influence movement behavior in space and time. 

Professional Preparation: 
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Oregon State University, 2021-Present
Research Assistant - Cascadia Research Collective, 2019-2021
Intern - Cascadia Research Collective, 2018-2019
Undergraduate Researcher - Fish Ecotoxicology & Physiology Lab, Michigan State University, 2017-2019
Affiliated with: 
Laboratory for Animal Behavioral Interaction Research (LABIRINTO)
Marine Mammal Institute
PhD Student, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Sciences
Hatfield Marine Science Center
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