Jim Sumich

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Ph.D. Biological Oceanography, Oregon State University, 1986. Dissertation title: Latitudinal Distribution, Calf Growth, and Reproductive Energetics of Gray Whales, Eschrichtius robustus.
M.S. Biological Oceanography, Oregon State University, 1970
B.S. Biology, University of Oregon, 1967
Research/Career Interests: 
  • Energetics and ecological physiology of gray whales and other mysticetes
  • Currently Trustee, Oregon Ocean Science Trust
  • Currently Member, Oregon Coordinated Council on Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia
Current research topics
  • Metabolism and thermoregulation of gray whale calves
  • Gray whale ventilatory and dive patterns
  • Gray whale foraging energetics in Oregon waters
  • Energetics of fasting, migration and lactation in gray whales and other mysticetes

Jim Sumich retired as Professor Emeritus of marine biology and zoology at Grossmont College, El Cajon, California.  Jim has conducted research on gray whales from Baja California to British Columbia as well as an intensive 14-month study of a captive rehabilitating gray whale calf in San Diego.  In addition to research articles, Jim has authored several textbooks including a best-selling textbook on marine biology (now in its 11th edition) and co-authored all three editions of Marine Mammals: Evolutionary Biology with Annalisa Berta and Kit Kovacs.

Affiliated with: 
Marine Mammal Institute Affiliate
Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Sciences
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