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As a passionate marine biologist, I am particularly interested in understanding the impacts of environmental factors on the behavior, food web interactions, and populations of marine mammals. Currently, I am an M.S. student at the Marine Mammal Institute at OSU, where my research focuses on the distribution and movement patterns of endangered Central American and threatened Mexican humpback whales. Being a member of the Latino community myself, I deeply understand the importance of representation and diversity in the field. I have a profound passion for utilizing my research to enhance the conservation of marine life. I am also a member of the Whale Habitat, Ecology & Telemetry Lab and the Ocean Ecology Lab at the Marine Mammal Institute. 

Affiliated with: 
Ocean Ecology Laboratory
Whale Habitat, Ecology, & Telemetry (WHET) Lab
Marine Mammal Institute
Master's Student
Academic Interests: 

I'll use data collected from GPS loggers in Bahia de Banderas, Mexico, to study the movements and habitat use of endangered Central American and threatened Mexican humpback whales. This includes their interactions with vessel traffic and anthropogenic impacts. We'll assess the benefits and drawbacks of overlap in humpback whale distribution. Analyzing vessel movements via GPS loggers will help us understand the impact of human activities. In essence, our research aims to inform humpback whale conservation. 

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