Allison Kane

Master's Student

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I am broadly interested in the foraging ecology, behavior, and trophic interactions of marine megafauna. For my thesis work, I am using satellite telemetry to identify foraging behavior and locations of humpback whales (Mexico and Central America DPSs) in their winter breeding grounds (Bahia de Banderas and the Gulf of California), in addition to echo-sounder data to map the distribution of prey within Bahia de Banderas. Ultimately, I aim to link spatial and temporal prey distribution to humpback diving and foraging behavior. By characterizing the foraging behavior of humpbacks within Bahia de Banderas, I hope to contribute to a broader effort to identify the potential overlap between anthropogenic impacts and vulnerable marine megafauna within the bay. Outside of this, I use of photogrammetry data to assess the size and body condition of whales. 

Affiliated with: 
Ocean Ecology Laboratory
Whale Habitat, Ecology, & Telemetry (WHET) Lab
Marine Mammal Institute