(Lagenorhynchus acutus)

In February of 1991, an Atlantic white-sided dolphin stranded along the shore of Massachusetts. The dolphin spent eight months in rehabilitation at the Mystic Marinelife Aquarium (Mystic, CT). Before the dolphin was released in the Gulf of Maine, an area where other dolphins of this species have been sighted, it was fitted with a satellite-monitored Argos radio transmitter. Never before had the movements and dive habits of an Atlantic white-sided dolphin been recorded!

The dolphin was tracked by satellite for six days before transmissions ceased during a severe offshore storm. The transmitter was probably dislodged during the storm. However, in the short amount of time the dolphin was tracked, data regarding the animal's time submerged, dive habits, and movements was gathered.

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Mate, B.R., K.M. Stafford, R. Nawojchik, and J.L. Dunn. 1994. Movements and dive behavior of a satellite-monitored Atlantic white-sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus acutus) in the Gulf of Maine. Marine Mammal Science. 10(1):116-121.