Setting up your default addresses:
  • As a shopper, you do not need to request access. Log in at (bottom left)
  • Go to your name in the top right, click the drop down arrow, go to "View My Profile"
  • Toward the left, click on "Default User Settings"
  • Click on "Default Addresses"
  • Under "Bill To" click Select addresses for profile
    • Enter "AMBC" and click search
    • Choose AMBC – HMSC
    • On Contact Line 1, enter my name (Minda Stiles)
    • On Contact Line 1, enter AMBC-MMI
    • Click Save
  • Under "Ship To," similar process:
    • Search for "Hatfield"
    • Click the radio button, then you can edit it to put your name in Contact Line 1, and Marine Mammal Institute in Contact Line 2
    • Save
Ordering (using VWR as an example):
  • Login, (bottom left)
  • On the Shopper Dashboard, scroll down til you see VWR under “Lab Supplies”
  • Click VWR, then click "Shop Now"
  • Select your item, add to cart, checkout
  • Click "ASSIGN CART" at upper right
    • In the "Note to Assignee," write a note indicating the index you want to charge (this is an internal message to Minda)
    • Click “Search for an assignee” and select me (Minda) (you can also add me to your profile here)
    • [When ordering, please always assign your cart to Minda Stiles or to Mark Wilke, rather than placing the order. This allows us to put in the correct account codes.]
  • Click Assign


That’s it!