We asked our recent Baja Gray Whale Expedition travelers to sum up their experiences in one sentence.

Here is what they said.

"Best week of my entire life"

"Once in a lifetime experience — unlike any other wildlife experience we have ever had." — Martha Peck Andrews

"It was a fabulous adventure into the mysterious world of some of the biggest creatures on the planet, with experts providing answers and insights at every turn. Now, we understand why the MMI has such dedicated staff and following." — Jim Swenson & Janet Gillaspie

"This experience will stand as being among the most memorable experiences of my life." — Mike Graybill

"This trip helped broaden some perspectives for me and gave me an experience interacting with these beautiful marine mammals that may well be once in a lifetime, and I will never forget it!" — Chelsea Lane

"Wish I were still there!" — Alex Halter

"It was an awesome trip of a lifetime" — Susan Painter

"The MMI whale watching expedition was a wonderful knowledge- and experience-expanding experience, and it was fun!" — Mary Ella Kuster

"The opportunity is there, don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience!" — Rose Shaw