Bryde’s whales are found in northern New Zealand waters year-round, but their primary habitat is the Hauraki Gulf, near New Zealand’s largest city of Auckland. Bryde’s whales are listed as nationally critical in New Zealand waters due to their small population size and mortality from vessel strikes. Little is known about Bryde’s whale ecology in this region. In collaboration with colleagues at the University of Auckland, a research project is underway to understand the population size of Bryde’s whales and their foraging and habitat use ecology within the Hauraki Gulf. The broader scope of this project aims to understand the ecological links between all megafauna (whales, dolphins, seabirds, sharks) in the Hauraki Gulf and their prey and habitat resources. The GEMM Lab is involved in the spatial analysis component of this project to determine predator foraging ecology and habitat characteristicsand assess their distribution patterns relative to anthropogenic threats in the Hauraki Gulf, such as shipping traffic.