Dominique Kone

NSF-NRT Fellow, M.S. Student Marine Resource Management
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Research/Career Interests: 

I am broadly interested in community ecology, endangered and threatened species conservation, and science policy. But most importantly, I am interested in the process by which scientists develop, execute, and use targeted research to inform the conservation and effective management of marine species and ecosystems. For my master’s work, I am conducting an ecological assessment of a potential sea otter reintroduction to the Oregon coast. Specifically, I am (1) identifying suitable sea otter habitat – including potential spatial interactions with human activities – and (2) evaluating the potential effects of sea otters on Oregon’s coastal ecosystems. Aside from my thesis, I am also working within an interdisciplinary team of researchers to address not only the ecological, but the various social, political, and genetic implications of a potential sea otter return to Oregon.

B.A. Environmental Science, Conservation Biology Concentration, Colby College, 2013
Professional Preparation: 
NSF-NRT Fellow: Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR. 2018 - Present
Graduate Fellow: The Graduate School, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon. 2017 – Present
Associate: Environmental Science Division, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Washington, DC. 2015 – 2017
Climate and Wildlife Safeguards Fellow: Climate and Wildlife Safeguards Program, National Wildlife Federation, Washington, DC. 2014 – 2015
Research Analyst: National Council for Science and the Environment, Washington, DC. 2014
Regulatory Analyst: Advanced Energy Economy, Washington, DC. 2013 – 2014
NSF Research Intern: REU Program, Department of Biology, University of Virginia, Pembroke, Virginia. 2012
NSF Research Intern: REU Program, Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, Massachusetts. 2011
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