Alexa Kownacki

Ph.D. Student in Wildlife Sciences
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Research/Career Interests: 

Marine vertebrate health, trophic cascades, human-wildlife conflict, predator-prey interactions, marine mammal life history, conservation biology, wildlife endocrinology, physiological ecology

For the past decade, Alexa has been actively studying wildlife conservation. Beginning in high school, she founded a non-profit conservation organization that researched spider monkeys in the Yucatán Peninsula. At UC Davis, Alexa was an intern in a wildlife disease ecology lab and had the opportunity to study a wide range of taxa, from ticks to mountain lions. She spent many months as a research assistant in Tanzania and South Africa, where she mitigated human-wildlife conflicts by collaborating with local villagers who live near national parks. Most recently, she worked as a scientific contractor with the National Marine Fisheries Service, researching cetacean health and life history and Antarctic ecosystem trophic cascades.

B.S. Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, University of California, Davis, 2014
Affiliated with: 
Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Laboratory (GEMM Lab)
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