Each fall, Scott Baker teaches a 3 credit course on 'The natural history of whales and whaling' (FW499/599) based at HMSC. The students finished the fall quarter with a debate, following a Karl Popper format. Working in teams of four, the students debated the proposition, 'That whaling is sustainable'. Teams for the affirmative and for the negative, were assigned with the flip of a coin, challenging the students to confront both sides of this complex issue, involving biological, economic and cultural sustainability. The debate was judged by Janet Webster, Itchung Cheung, Alana Alexander and Scott Baker.

Picture above from left to right: Kameron Kadooka, Katie Smart, Julie Unfried, Norma Vazquez, Michelle Fournet, Scott Baker, Sheena Wheeler, Erin Riley, Alana Alexander and Shea Steingass