TitleOverlap of North Pacific albatrosses with the U.S. west coast groundfish and shrimp fisheries
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsGuy, TJ, Jennings, SL, Suryan, RM, Melvin, EF, Bellman, MA, Ballance, LT, Blackie, BA, Croll, DA, Deguchi, T, Geernaert, TO, Henry, RW, Hester, M, Hyrenbach, KD, Jahncke, J, Kappes, MA, Ozaki, K, Roletto, J, Sato, F, Sydeman, WJ, Zamon, JE
JournalFisheries Research
Pagination222 - 234
Date Published10/2013
Short TitleFisheries Research