TitleA newly identified bocavirus species in human stool.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsKapoor, A, Slikas, B, Simmonds, P, Chieochansin, T, Naeem, A, Shaukat, S, Alam, MMasroor, Sharif, S, Angez, M, Zaidi, S, Delwart, E
JournalThe Journal of Infectious Diseases
Date Published2009 Jan 15
KeywordsSpecies Specificity
AbstractViral metagenomic analysis was used to identify a previously uncharacterized parvovirus species, "HBoV2," whose closest phylogenetic relative is the human bocavirus (HBoV). HBoV2 has a genomic organization identical to that of HBoV but has only 78%, 67%, and 80% identity, respectively, with the latter's NS1, NP1, and VP1/VP2 proteins. The study used polymerase chain reaction to detect HBoV2 sequences in 5 of 98 stool samples from Pakistani children and in 3 of 699 stool samples from Edinburgh. Nearly-full-length genome sequencing revealed the presence of 3 HBoV2 genotypes and evidence of recombination between genotypes. Further studies are necessary to identify anatomical sites of HBoV2 replication and potential associations with clinical symptoms or disease.