TitleBest practice recommendations for the use of external telemetry devices on pinnipeds
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHorning, M, Andrews, RD, Bishop, AM, Boveng, PL, Costa, DP, Crocker, DE, Haulena, M, Hindell, M, Hindle, AG, Holser, RR, Hooker, SK, Hückstädt, LA, Johnson, S, Lea, M-A, McDonald, BI, McMahon, CR, Robinson, PW, Sattler, RL, Shuert, CR, Steingass, S, Thompson, D, Tuomi, PA, Williams, CL, Womble, JN
JournalAnimal Biotelemetry
Date Published10/2019
Short TitleAnim Biotelemetry