TitleApplication of a multi-disciplinary approach to reveal population structure and Southern Ocean feeding grounds of humpback whales
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRiekkola, L, Zerbini, AN, Andrews, O, Andrews-Goff, V, C. Baker, S, Chandler, D, Childerhouse, S, Clapham, P, Dodémont, R, Donnelly, D, Friedlaender, A, Gallego, R, Garrigue, C, Ivashchenko, Y, Jarman, S, Lindsay, R, Pallin, L, Robbins, J, Steel, DJ, Tremlett, J, Vindenes, S, CONSTANTINE, ROCHELLE
JournalEcological Indicators
Pagination455 - 465
Date Published06/2018
Short TitleEcological Indicators