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Kinematic Diversity in Rorqual Whale Feeding Mechanisms

WhaleWatch: a dynamic management tool for predicting blue whale density in the California Current

First Direct Evidence for Natal Wintering Ground Fidelity and Estimate of Juvenile Survival in the New Zealand Southern Right Whale <i>Eubalaena australis</i>

An integrated approach to historical population assessment of the great whales: case of the New Zealand southern right whale

High coverage of the complete mitochondrial genome of the rare Gray’s beaked whale (<i>Mesoplodon grayi</i>) using Illumina next generation sequencing

Mitigation of vessel-strike mortality of endangered Bryde’s whales in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

Disentangling the cause of a catastrophic population decline in a large marine mammal

Armed Escorts: Dusky Dolphin <i>(Lagenorhynchus obscurus)</i> Interactions with Octopuses <i>(Pinnoctopus cordiformis)</i> in New Zealand

Heat loss in air of an Antarctic marine mammal, the Weddell seal

Mellish J-A, Hindle A, Skinner J, Horning M.  2015.  Heat loss in air of an Antarctic marine mammal, the Weddell seal. Journal of Comparative Physiology B. 185(1):143-152.

Linking marine predator diving behavior to local prey fields in contrasting habitats in a subarctic glacial fjord

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