Toward a national animal telemetry network for aquatic observations in the United States

Seasonality, abundance, and fifteen-year trend in green turtle nesting activity at Itsamia, Moheli, Comoros

Long-Term Monitoring of Green Turtle Nesting on Tromelin Island Demonstrates Stable Reproduction and Population Parameters

Assessing the design and power of capture-recapture studies to estimate demographic parameters for the Endangered Oceania humpback whale population

Bucking the trend: genetic analysis reveals high diversity, large population size and low differentiation in a deep ocean cetacean

High calf mortality in bottlenose dolphins in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand-a local unit in decline

A new approach to study of seabird-fishery overlap: Connecting chick feeding with parental foraging and overlap with fishing vessels

Wintering North Pacific black-legged kittiwakes balance spatial flexibility and consistency

Baleen whale abundance and distribution in relation to environmental variables and prey density in the Eastern Bering Sea

A method to improve size estimates of walleye pollock (<i>Theragra chalcogramma</i>) and Atka mackerel (<i>Pleurogrammus monopterygius</i>) consumed by pinnipeds: Digestion correction factors applied to bones and otoliths recovered from scats

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