Dietary composition of four stocks of Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardii) in the Northern California Current Large Marine Ecosystem as synthesized from historical data, 1931-2013

Individual-based energetic model suggests bottom up mechanisms for the impact of coastal hypoxia on Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardii) foraging behavior

Classification of Animal Movement Behavior through Residence in Space and Time

Introduction to the Special Volume on Tursiops in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean

The development of an intermediate-duration tag to characterize the diving behavior of large whales

Automated techniques for measuring meal size in great albatrosses

A sperm whale's perspective: The importance of seasonality and seamount depth

Kinematic Diversity in Rorqual Whale Feeding Mechanisms

WhaleWatch: a dynamic management tool for predicting blue whale density in the California Current

First Direct Evidence for Natal Wintering Ground Fidelity and Estimate of Juvenile Survival in the New Zealand Southern Right Whale <i>Eubalaena australis</i>

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