Critically endangered western gray whales migrate to the eastern North Pacific

Mitigation of vessel-strike mortality of endangered Bryde’s whales in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

Disentangling the cause of a catastrophic population decline in a large marine mammal

Inferring Cetacean Population Densities from the Absolute Dynamic Topography of the Ocean in a Hierarchical Bayesian Framework

Poor Transferability of Species Distribution Models for a Pelagic Predator, the Grey Petrel, Indicates Contrasting Habitat Preferences across Ocean Basins

Distribution of macro-infaunal communities in phosphorite nodule deposits on Chatham Rise, Southwest Pacific: Implications for management of seabed mining

Stable isotope values delineate the non-breeding distributions of sooty shearwaters <i>Puffinus griseus</i> in the North Pacific Ocean

Proximity to multiple foraging habitats enhances seabirds’ resilience to local food shortages

Age, Sex, and Telomere Dynamics in a Long-Lived Seabird with Male-Biased Parental Care

Does location really matter? An inter-colony comparison of seabirds breeding at varying distances from productive oceanographic features in the Bering Sea

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