Assessment of genetic structure among eastern North Pacific gray whales on their feeding grounds

Counting whales in a challenging, changing environment

Aquatic mammal science in Latin America: a bibliometric analysis for the first eight years of the Latin American Journal of Aquatic Mammals (2002-2010)

Cetacean ocurrence in the Tayrona National Park, a marine protected area in the Colombian Caribbean

Resurrection of <i>Mesoplodon hotaula</i> Deraniyagala 1963: A new species of beaked whale in the tropical Indo-Pacific

Long-Range Movement of Humpback Whales and Their Overlap with Anthropogenic Activity in the South Atlantic Ocean

Strong maternal fidelity and natal philopatry shape genetic structure in North Pacific humpback whales

Inshore records of the striped dolphin Stenella coeruleoalba from the Pacific coast of South America

Bottlenose Dolphin and Gillnet Interactions In Southeastern North Carolina

Analysing 25 years of bottlenose dolphin (<i>Tursiops truncatus</i>) strandings along the Atlantic coast of the USA: do historic records support the coastal migratory stock hypothesis?

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