MMI researchers study gray whale migration along the Oregon Coast.

Researchers will conduct shore-based observations to track the migration of gray whales as they pass Yaquina Head on the central Oregon coast.

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For more information on wave energy development in the Pacific Northwest, click here.

MMI attends Society for Marine Mammalogy meeting in Capetown, South Africa.

Four MMI scientists flew to Capetown, South Africa, in November 2007 to present their research findings at the 17th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals.

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Officials buoyed by mooring placement

One small plop for the ocean. One giant leap for wave energy research.

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Gray whale recovery called incorrect

The success story of the Pacific gray whales' full recovery from near-extinction is wrong, according to a new genetic analysis that pegs the current population at only one-third to one-fifth of historical levels.

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Beached whale will be buried

The whale was already dead when spotted from the air earlier this week, said Bruce Mate, executive director of Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine ...

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