Protected whales found in Japan’s supermarkets

Many of us get a feeling of satisfaction when we learn that governments
or international bodies have issued regulations to protect imperiled
wildlife. Such as whales. Then we encounter a paper like the one in the
October Animal Conservation that snaps us out of our complacency. Its new data drive home once more that rules have value only if they’ll be enforced. [read the article]

Digital Photography Workshop with Flip Nicklin

The MMI is hosting a 3-day digital photography workshop featuring world-renowned nature photographer, Flip Nicklin...

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Bycatch whaling a growing threat

Scientists are warning that a new form of unregulated whaling has emerged along the coastlines of Japan and South Korea, where the commercial sale of whales killed as fisheries "bycatch" is threatening coastal stocks of minke whales and other protected species.

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Bruce Mate Featured on National Geographic

A National Geographic Channel film, “Kingdom of the Blue Whale, premiered on Sunday, March 8 with more airings listed on their website.  This program offers some of the most revealingviews of the largest animal on the planet through the work of OregonState University’s Bruce Mate and colleague John Calambokidis ofCascadia Research Cooperative...

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National Geographic Magazine article on blue whale

Read the National Geographic story about blue whales online.  This article by Kenneth Brower, tells about the second part of a National Geographic-funded expedition to discover breeding and feeding grounds of the world's largest mammal, the blue whale.   National Geographic Channel will first air this TV special on March 8th - please check for times on your local TV listings.

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"The Cove" wins Sundance

Scott Baker is featured in an award-winning documentary. 'The Cove', a documentary about the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.  This moving piece just won the audience award
for best US documentary at the Sundance film festival. This bodes well
for a larger distribution in the future, hopefully leading to a greater
appreciation of the problems of mercury contamination and the Taiji
drive kill. Read the review here.

BBC Interviews Scott Baker about Humpback migration

Scott Baker was interviewed by the BBC regarding humpback whale migrations for their website "World on the Move".  For a link to the website and audio recording, please click on link to story.

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Whale Watch Training November 22-23, 2008 at HMSC

Internationally recognized whale expert Bruce Mate will lead off
training for "Whale Watching Spoken Here" volunteers Nov. 22-23 at the
Mark O. Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

Mate, the director of the Oregon State University Marine Mammal
Institute, will introduce trainees to Pacific gray whale biology and
natural history at the Nov. 22 (Saturday) session. He has helped lead
the training since co-founding the whale watching program in the late
1970s. For more information and to sign up, read article below:

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Terri Irwin/MMI team up to study whales

Terri Irwin signs an agreement with the Marine Mammal Institute at Oregon State University to fund humpback whale research projects. Read more

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See Corvallis Gazette-Times article here

MMI researchers study gray whale migration along the Oregon Coast.

Researchers will conduct shore-based observations to track the migration of gray whales as they pass Yaquina Head on the central Oregon coast.

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For more information on wave energy development in the Pacific Northwest, click here.