Amanda Holdman


M.S. Student



Educational Background:

2013: B.S. Wildlife Management, Purdue University

Professional Preparation:

Student Member of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)

Student Member of the American Society of Mammals (ASM)

Wildlife Management Graduate Certificate, Oregon State University, 2014

Maritime Safety Certification, Clatsop Community College, Maritime Science Department, 2014

Research Technician, NOAA, 2013, 2014

Field research technician, Purdue University, Forestry and Natural Resources, 2011, 2012, 2013

Incident Command System – Wildlife, Emergency Management Institute, FEMA 2012

Research Interests/Area of Expertise:

My broad research interests are in animal behavior and ecology, specifically using acoustics to monitor animal spatial and temporal distributions and the impacts of anthropogenic noise on animal communication and behavior. The goals of my graduate research are to use passive acoustic monitoring, visual line transects and oceanographic data collection in Newport, Oregon’s near shore waters to [A] study the temporal distribution, spatiotemporal scales of occurrence and movement patterns of marine mammals; [B] study physical, chemical and lower-trophic-level ecological drivers of these occurrence patterns, producing a quantitative model of occurrence; and [C] evaluate potential impacts of anthropogenic activities such as the development of wave energy converters on species of concern. The harbor porpoise is of elevated concern because of its high sensitivity to anthropogenic noise and the potential for considerable spatial overlap with potential wave every converters (WEC).


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